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Read your daily arxiv publications

1. Benty-fields allows you to read the daily arxiv publications in a user friendly environment. You can read the abstract directly on the site or skim through the figures of a paper before downloading the actual pdf.

2. You can organize papers in a library, including a reading list.

3. If you are member of a journal club, you can directly vote for papers to put them on the agenda for the next journal club.

4. You can read and participate in paper discussions.

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Organizing a journal club

1. You can create a journal club and invite your colleagues to join. The journal club agenda shows all the papers voted for by members of your journal club.

2. The most popular papers also need a discussion leader. Anyone can volunteer to lead the discussion on a paper.

3. Since benty-fields also has a search engine, you can vote for any paper, not just new publications. What about a weekly discussion of a classic paper in your field?

Showcase your work

1. Under My Profile you can let others know about your academic career and interests. The publication list is directly linked to the profile.

2. If you are applying for jobs right now it might be a good idea to upload a CV.

3. Benty-fields is organized like a social network, so you can follow your colleagues and they can follow you.

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