High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy

IRFU, SPP, Saclay

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Job category: Postdoc/Fellowship
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The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA, collaboration at IRFU, in the new Paris-Saclay University (France) invites applications for a junior post-doctoral position in Very High Energy gamma-ray Astronomy. CTA is a major new facility aimed at the study of the most energetic sources of radiation in the Universe. The candidates will contribute to the operation and exploitation of NectarCAM cameras that will equip the CTA Medium Sized Telescopes (MST). The NectarCAM consortium includes groups from France, Spain, and Germany. Candidates interested in future exploitation of CTA and with experience in gamma-rayAstronomy are particularly encouraged to apply. A PhD or equivalent in Physics or Astronomy is a requirement, and good knowledge of programming (in particular C++ and/or Python) is highly desirable. Preference may be given to individuals having received their PhD (or equivalent) more recently than January 2016. The candidate should have earned his PhD less than 6 years before the start of the contract. The initial contracts will be for 1 year, extendable for a second year. The contract can start as early as June 2017. The deadline for application is February 15th 2017.
Applicants should send a CV and a brief statement of research interests, and should arrange for two letters of recommendation to be sent on their behalf. The applications should be sent to
The high-energy gamma-ray Astronomy group at IRFU/Service de Physique des Particules (CEA-Saclay) is responsible for the integration and operation of NectarCAM, which will be integrated and tested in a hall at CEA-Saclay. Tests and data analysis are performed in collaboration with other members of the CTA consortium, in particular physicists at LLR (Ecole Polytechnique) and IPNO (Orsay). The group at IRFU is involved in other high-energy experiments such as H.E.S.S.( or ANTARES. The main physics interests are Astroparticle Physics (dark matter search, cosmology, primordial black holes), but also galactic astronomy (Galactic Center) and active galactic nuclei.
The successful candidate will be primarily involved in the commissioning of the Qualification Model of NectarCAM. This camera will be installed at the at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory (Canary Islands/Spain) in 2018. He/she will be in charge of the operations and data taking in the integration hall at CEA-Saclay, a major responsibility. He/she will work on calibrations and simulations in cooperation with the scientists at LLR and IPNO. The candidate will be involved in the preparation of scientific data taking with NectarCAM. Finally, the candidate will have the opportunity to join H.E.S.S. and work on high-energy Astronomy sources.
For further information, please contact Dr. J-F. Glicenstein (